Nilfisk Central Vacuums

A central vacuum makes life easier, no question about it. Nilfisk Central Vacuums are among the best known in the industry with excellent European construction and components that last a lifetime.

Benefits of Nilfisk Central Vacuums Vancouver

Whether you buy your Nilfisk vacuum here at our website or in our store you can enjoy the same benefits of Nilfisk vacuum construction:

  • Low volt control panel: The control panels in our Nilfisk vacuums are created in Germany. Because of their construction they last longer and can save you time and money on repairs.
  • Central vacuum motor: Designed to last 1000 to 1500 hours the Italian central vacuum motor gives you the power you need for constant vacuuming.
  • Molded vacuum bodies: The bodies of these Nilfisk vacuums are injection molded from the best ABS material on the market. What you enjoy: a vacuum body that is guaranteed for life.
  • Quiet 66.5 db performance without using any heat retaining foam
  • Replaceable sealed HEPA exhaust muffler reduces noise to 64 db
  • Flexible 2″ intake tube included for easy Do-It-Yourself installation
  • Lifetime Guarantee on body; 10 -15 years on motor.

Nilfisk Vacuums and Products

Nilfisk knows the vacuum industry in and out and that’s reflected in their product line. Their products include vacuums designed for everything from small spaces to spacious mansions:

  • CV-10: If you live in a small condo or house, this is the vacuum for you. It’s just 14 inches wide and 17 inches high. It uses a 2.6 gallon disposable bag. Enjoy an energy-efficient motor that only draws up to 12 amps. The reversible intake pipe makes this vacuum incredibly easy to install.
  • CV-20: There’s no heat retaining foam on this powerful vacuum. You can vacuum with as little noise as possible with the sealed HEPA exhaust muffler.
  • CV-25: Come in and try out the CV-25 and see why it’s the best-selling unit at Advantage Vacuums. Though this is still a compact vacuum it has a full-size dirt receptacle and extremely powerful hose performance. It comes equipped with a 640 air watt European motor.

You can also take advantage of the accessory kits for Nilfisk vacuums at Advantage Vacuums:

  • Palace Kit: If you have a deep pile carpet, pick up this accessory kit with a 14″ German Powerhead.
  • Select Kit: The Select Kit comes with a 12″ German Powerhead for low pile carpets.
  • Superior Kit: With the Superior Kit you get a German Air Drive head. It’s ideal for thin carpets or area rugs.

We carry Nilfisk Central Vacuums Vancouverat Advantage Vacuums in Vancouver, BC. If you want a central vacuum to keep your home clean, come check out a Nilfisk vacuum today.You may also want to see our Central Vacuum Repairs page >>