Electrolux Vacuums

Electrolux Vacuums and Central Vacuum Parts – high-quality construction and durability that you can rely on

You can rely on Advantage Vacuums in Vancouver and Nanaimo for Electrolux central vacuum parts! Though we don’t carry new Electrolux vacuums at this time, we do offer Electrolux vacuum parts, bags, filters, and Central Vacuum repairs and parts.

Using an Electrolux vacuum regularly can free your home of dust and dirt that clog up the air you breathe. Not only will your home look better, it will feel better as well.

Benefits of Buying Electrolux

Electrolux works to create excellent products and central vacuum parts that meet your home cleaning needs. First, they aim to be as efficient as possible. Spend a little bit less time vacuuming and a little more time enjoying your clean home with Electrolux.

Many customers also find Electrolux vacuums and central vacuum parts are very easy to use. No matter how your home is laid out or how many corners it has you can easily maneuver your Electrolux into all the nooks and crannies of your home.

Electrolux vacuums are designed to be powerful for heavy-duty clean up. If you have lots of pets or heavy foot traffic in your home you can rest easy with a vacuum from Electrolux. It can keep up with the biggest messes.

Electrolux Products at Advantage Vacuums

There’s a wide range of vacuum cleaners made by Electrolux. Check out what we have at Advantage Vacuums that fits your budget and space constraints.

  • UltraOne Canister Vacuum: Want to be able to vacuum when the kids are sleeping? The UltraOne Canister Vacuum is a joy to use because of how quiet it is. The UltraOne comes with a motorized nozzle and rotating brushes to get out even the most stubborn stains. There’s an angled brush to get dirt out of tiny nooks.
  • ZCV910: Built-in vacuums are the perfect solution for customers who want their vacuum to fit right into their decor. Vacuum has a self-cleaning dirt container that makes the most of your filtration. This vacuum is extremely easy to use and store.
  • Quiet Clean Central Vacuum Kit: Connect and release your Quiet Clean Central Vacuum parts quickly and easily for big messes or small cleanups. You can enjoy lots of tools that come with this kit, including a hose rack, a crevice tool, a telescopic wand head, a premium floor tool, and a floor brush.

Come to Advantage Vacuums to see just how fun vacuuming can be.