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Things to Avoid During Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

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Tips for vacuum cleaner maintenance. A good vacuum cleaner is an investment. Particularly in Vancouver, vacuum cleaners keep homes clean and dirt free through all of the weather that is thrown at them throughout the year. Getting the most out

It’s Time to Clean the Carpet

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Even if you are an avid vacuum cleaner enthusiast like I am, eventually your carpets are going to need to be cleaned.

While you may be avoiding the job simply because of the labor involved, the truth is that you …

How do I save My Vacuum from My Pets?

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What is one of the most common causes for the untimely demise of a vacuum cleaner? Pets, of course. We aren’t talking about the dog making a chew toy out of your new canister’s hose. What we really mean is …

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Look Out for These Summer Flooring Threats

Summer is right around the corner.  With summer comes a lot of things that can cause some serious damage to your floor.  While cleaning and vacuuming regularly can surely help to keep your floors clean, being on guard for these …